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Our Services

Accounting & Assurance

We analyze and report on the company’s financial statements and identify potential concerns, leaving enough time to allow a practical and cost-effective resolution to issues. Our partners work closely with financial and accounting personnel to clarify and resolve uncertainties before rendering our financial statements report

Taxation Services

Complications created by ever-changing tax laws and regulations, together with new global business competitiveness, have made advanced tax planning an essential element for companies operating in today’s marketplace to be successful. Topel Forman’s tax professionals stay current with income, estate, gift, payroll, and sales changes.

Consulting Services

We offer an expansive range of business consulting services to help our clients with compliance, strategic planning, financial management, economic projections, and forecasts. Our firm monitors today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment and marketplace, keeping our clients one step ahead while providing effective strategies to adapt to future trends.

WEalth Management

Topel Forman can serve as your trusted tax and wealth management advisors, backed by 40 years of investing experience through our affiliation with Avantax Planning Partners℠. Our investment approach allows us to create a long-term plan that looks at the impact of all financial decisions and demonstrate how these decisions will impact your future.

Family Office

We understand that each family has unique needs, and we work with all types of family offices to provide income tax planning, estate, gift tax planning, accounting services, and financial reporting. Our team of professionals to will work closely with the family and their advisers to help manage their financial affairs and create a structure that works best for each circumstance.

R&D Tax Credits

Businesses must constantly innovate if they want to continue growing and succeeding. These efforts may qualify them for the R&D tax credit. The R&D credit aims to keep jobs in the United States and make U.S. manufacturing companies more competitive globally. However, the IRS estimates that only 10% of the companies that qualify for the credit actually apply for it.


Industries We Serve


Every broker-dealer faces a unique set of challenges, including revenue recognition, fair value measurement, SEC and FINRA filing requirements, regulatory compliance and more.


Closely held businesses and their owners benefit from Topel Forman’s extensive tax and accounting experience tailored to the needs of a wide range of industries, entity types, and business structures.

Construction Accounting

Topel Forman understands the specialized accounting, tax, and consulting issues affecting the construction industry.


Topel Forman has years of experience in serving the unique need of automobile dealerships.

Employee Benefit Plans

Every company is different. Every retirement plan is unique. Every employee depends on the plan’s trustees to protect the integrity of their contributions and retirement investments.

High Net Worth Individuals

Topel Forman is a trusted name in high–net-worth tax planning, with extensive experience and a well-earned reputation for integrity, professionalism, and responsiveness.

Investment Companies

Investment companies face close scrutiny from the IRS, regulators and clients. Topel Forman offers a personalized approach working seamlessly with fund managers and accountants.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Topel Forman provides a wide range of accounting and audit, tax and consulting services to companies in the manufacturing and distribution industries.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations and private foundations face cumbersome tax compliance and auditing reporting requirements.

Private Equity

Topel Forman offers private equity accounting, tax and consulting services with a focus on understanding the unique challenges your business faces in order to deliver personalized results.

Professional Service Corporations

Professional services corporations (PSC) benefit from our hands-on approach to accounting, tax, and consulting services.

Real Estate

Topel Forman provides experience for real estate accounting and tax compliance that few firms can match, while offering the personalized attention and close teamwork we are best known for.


As an accounting firm with many clients in the technology industry, we provide agile services to support you from start-up to a successful exit strategy.