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When you partner with Topel Forman, you’re getting more than accounting and assurance services. You’re getting a trusted advisor who is always seeking ways to strengthen your business and save you money.

Our knowledgeable professionals work directly with management, the board of directors, and the audit committee to develop the most efficient and effective attestation services approach. We analyze and report on the company’s financial statements and identify potential concerns, leaving enough time to allow a practical and cost-effective resolution to issues. Our partners work closely with financial and accounting personnel to clarify and resolve uncertainties before rendering our financial statements report.

We understand the importance of continuity and trust in a working relationship. That’s why the carefully chosen team a client meets during initial consultations is the same team that will be responsible for the account for years to come. We also understand that an effective partnership is built on frequent and constructive contact. We pride ourselves on being proactive, planning for issues, and opportunities long before they arise.

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