About Topel Forman

Core Values

Our firm is client-focused, driven to provide our clients with the best service using a true team philosophy. This objective has given rise to a culture and a set of core values that have become our devotion and the Firm’s foundation and fabric. These core values include flexibility, integrity, respect, and excellence.

Every member of our firm is talented, passionate, and enthusiastic about rolling up their sleeves and working hard to timely and accurately complete client engagements. Through these efforts, we seek to understand our clients and identify their needs to be creative and provide the type of service that adds real value to them. We are committed to building long-standing relationships with our clients, earning their respect, and ultimately becoming their trusted advisers.


Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 


At Topel Forman, we strive to uphold a diverse, fair, and inclusive workplace. We respect each colleague’s intersectionality and cherish the mosaic that is our valued team. Our leadership and staff approach this mission by acting as ALLIES:

  • Awareness: Educate ourselves. Acknowledge and critique unfair balances of privilege and power.
  • Belonging: Create an environment where all feel wholly accepted. Ensure everyone is supported, heard, and has limitless opportunities to succeed.
  • Responsibility: Practice individual accountability for the Firm’s diversity, equity, and inclusion mission and goals. Speak up in the face of inequality and injustices.
  • Inclusion: Accept, respect, and value each teammate.
  • Equity: Create and uphold fair and impartial policies, procedures, and hiring practices.
  • Diversity: Foster and build a community that represents the range of human differences.