Being an Intern at Topel Forman

An Overview

For over 60 years, Topel Forman has set out to consistently provide its clients with high-quality service through relationships built on a foundation of integrity, trust, and independence.
Topel Forman Internships Provide Real, First-Hand Experience In Public Accounting

It is important to get real-world experience; how do you know what you want unless you try it out first? Our internship gives you the chance to experience what it is like to be an accountant. Each intern has the same experiences as a first-year associate. Projects and daily assignments are real work that will directly benefit our clients. Depending on the time of year of your internship, our interns will gain various skillsets ranging from learning tax software and engaging with interesting tax concepts from all different types of tax situations.

Topel Forman has access to the resources of a large firm while maintaining the feel of a small firm and providing hands-on training. Interns are a part of the team that plays an integral role in completing work by deadlines. We have a collaborative firm culture that values working as a team. Topel Forman offers a great team environment and strives to help all employees feel welcome. 


Through both hands-on experience and our various training, interns will have an opportunity to learn various technical concepts including those related to individual, trust, entity, and gift tax returns. During your internship, you will have the opportunity to work with all levels including senior managers and partners.

In addition to tax concepts, interns learn time management, balancing responsibilities, professional communication, how & when to ask questions. The intern will learn what it is like to go through a busy season at a public accounting firm and gain experience in different industries and jobs.

The internship also offers the opportunity to develop soft skills in a professional setting by working with all levels of the firm. If you can successfully apply concepts from one engagement to the next, we will not limit the amount of experience/participation provided on a financial statement audit. At a minimum, you will learn life skills such as effective communication, how to engage with high-performing teams, how to respond effectively to feedback and to demonstrate growth and confidence in skills.


A tax intern gets to work both independently and with a team. A day for an intern is very similar to a first-year staff. Interns are assigned a job to work on and will correspond with the team to get started. As an intern, you will be trained on the returns and then you will prepare the return. One might typically work on tax work papers and returns, ask any questions they have to the team, and get quick feedback on work from a reviewer.

Interns are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones, are teammates, and are encouraged to learn from their mistakes. If an intern focuses intently on feedback then is able to apply those comments to the next assignment they are tasked with they will be successful.

This experience allows interns to quickly get a look at the world of a tax accountant, work with people of all levels at the firm, and learn how to communicate effectively.  Just like a day in the life of an associate – just with more zoom calls, training, and check-ins.

At Topel Forman, we treat all interns like any member of the team which provides a realistic idea of what it would look like to work at Topel Forman.

Typical tasks include responding to e-mails, calls, and messages, managing/organizing different returns, preparing the returns and communicating missing items or the status of the returns with managers and partners.



I learned that I could do this type of job for my career. I learned a lot about the higher-level aspects of the returns that I was able to work on. 

Dan Herman

Senior Tax Associate

The internship program at Topel Forman is a trial run for the full-time job. Interns are treated as staff and get a full experience. Both the intern and TF can get a feel for working together.

Ashley Frohne

Senior Audit Associate

You’re going to walk away with actual experience because the internship will not consist of busy work. For example, I worked on trust returns and am happy to have gained experience from that.

Miranda Green

Tax Associate

Interns are treated as first-year staff and are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones. Interns are teammates and are encouraged to [learn from] mistakes, focus intently on feedback, then apply those comments to the next assignment they are tasked with.

Dan Sloan


What Will I Gain?

“The ability of an intern to demonstrate the progression of skills through trial and error is the most rewarding part of the process.”