Family Office

We understand that each family has unique needs, and we work with all types of family offices to provide income tax planning, estate, and gift tax planning, accounting services, and financial reporting. Based on the needs and objectives of family offices and their families, we will assemble a team of professionals to work closely with the family and their other advisers to help manage their financial affairs and create a structure that works best for each circumstance.

A family office and related services can have different meanings depending on a family’s current needs and objectives. For example, an established formal family office will have a team of employees that manage a family’s financial and personal assets, legal, trust, and estate matters, income tax planning and compliance, philanthropy, and its household staff. There are some family offices that have a smaller number of employees to manage some of these services and outsource other services that are performed by their valued and trusted advisors. And then, some families outsource most of these services to their valued and trusted advisors.

Our goal is to play an essential role in working with the family and collaborating with their team of employees and other key advisors to design and structure a family office setting that works best for them.

The services that we provide for our family office clients and high-net-worth individuals include the following:

  • Income tax planning and compliance
  • Estate and gift tax planning and compliance
  • Accounting services
  • Financial reporting
  • Administrative and other services

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