March 4, 2021

Get to Know: Jason Glickley, Partner and CPA

Jason Glickley was promoted from Senior Audit Manager to Member/Partner effective January 1st of this year, and he recently celebrated his 15th anniversary working for Topel Forman. He has seen the firm grow from 40 people to nearly 100 talented individuals and has been hugely influential in our firm’s success and growth. We know that he’s excellent at providing attestation and business advisory services to clients in closely held companies, but what are some things about him that we don’t know? Listen to our video or read the interview to learn more about one of our longtime employees and newest partner.

What led you to a career in public accounting?

I was good at math, but obviously, I wasn’t good at grammar because a couple of months into accounting classes, I realized, “Shoot, I’m not counting things. I’m accounting for things.” Nevertheless, I needed to pay for college, so I stayed with my internship for three years, and here I am today!

What do you like best about working at Topel Forman?

That’s easy. As of January 1st, I’d have to say the partner group. Now that I’m a part of it, by far, the partner group is the best thing about Topel Forman. Not because I was made partner, but since inception, this has been a smaller firm that has grown and grown, but the partner group has maintained an environment that promotes inclusion, and it promotes their people. It was easier to do 15 years ago when we only had 40 people, but now it’s still more prevalent than ever. People have always been more important than the product at Topel Forman, and that’s why I’ve been here for 15 years. That’s what I strive to continue as a partner at Topel Forman.

How has TF changed since you started working here?

A lot. We have grown both in numbers and in operations. We have embraced technology, and we’ve embraced diversity, yet we’ve stayed a boutique firm. We have the expertise to match any large firm, any Big Four firm, but we have the world-class client service to exceed them.

How do you maintain work/life balance while working remotely?

Well, it’s kind of the new buzzword these days, but I say to be present. It’s hard these days when your office is in your house, but be present when you’re at work. When you’re at work, be at work. When you’re home, be at home. Get dressed for your day so you can dress down at nighttime.

What are three words your friends would use to describe you?

Unfortunately, I would say 1. He’s 2. Not 3. Funny. But I think that’s ridiculous because I have four kids, and my “dad jokes” are out of this world. No one can match them.

What would be your dream vacation spot?

At this point, I would take any vacation with a built-in babysitter. If it were all-inclusive, that would be wonderful, too. So, an all-inclusive vacation where someone babysits my twelve, er, four kids would be a dream vacation for me at this point.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I’m into meditation. I feel like it’s just as important to work out your mind as it is to work out your body, and it’s something I’m growing into. It’s something that our firm is growing into as well.

What’s your favorite sport or sports team?

Anything Chicago. I’m all Chicago. I’m a Southsider, but I’m a Cubs fan, so anything Chicago…except for the White Sox.

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